Celebrating Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it is crucial to shine a spotlight on the significant impact of women in the architecture and design field. Historically, women have faced barriers and challenges in this male-dominated industry, yet their contributions have been profound and transformative. From trailblazers like Zaha Hadid and Maya Lin to contemporary innovators like Jeanne Gang and Sheila Sri Prakash, women have brought fresh perspectives, creativity, and empathy to architectural and design projects around the world. We are proud to have a powerhouse of female designers and architects on our team and value their unique perspectives that are changing the way spaces are constructed one Barker/Nestor project at a time. 

Jeanne Gang, Polis Station

Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the achievements of women architects and designers, while also advocating for greater diversity, inclusion, and equity within these professions.

Maya Lin, Eleven Minute Line

By amplifying the voices and stories of women in architecture and design, we can inspire future generations of female designers to break boundaries, challenge norms, and shape a more inclusive and vibrant built environment for all. Let us celebrate the past, present, and future contributions of women in the architecture and design field this Women’s History Month and beyond.

Sheila Sri Prakash, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple