AI: The New MVP in Interior Design and Architecture

Ok we are finally ready: let’s talk about the game-changing player that’s shaking up the world of interior design and architecture (and every industry if we look outside our A&D bubble) – AI! As AI strides onto the scene, it’s not just crunching numbers in the background – it’s stepping onto the creative court with abilities to generate models, mockups, and more with a few key words and about 5 minutes, bringing a whole new level of flair to the game.

Art credit: MAA Studio

AI isn’t some abstract thing you hear about in the media being incorporated into the latest tech; it’s quickly turning the ultimate teammate, analyzing heaps of data to forecast trends, generate mind-blowing design concepts, and even optimize space and functionality with finesse. With AI in the mix, designers and architects are unleashing a whole new playbook of possibilities, from personalized design recommendations to immersive 3D modeling, all while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Art credit: Tinker Tail Art

We’ve been pondering; just how can BN leverage such sorcery? It is after all 2024, and we think it’s about time to hop on the wagon – the ultra supersonic, steel, tech-y wagon. We have encouraged our staff to take a look at different platforms and identify some of their favorites, using the power of AI to help any step on the design process. With this slow incorporation approach we hope to get our arms around AI and eventually introduce it as a key technology in our processes.