Embracing ‘Eatertainment’: The Intersection of Design and Entertainment

The emergence of ‘eatertainment’ venues signals a transformative shift in the hospitality industry that we’re pretty pumped about, where patrons seek immersive dining experiences intertwined with interactive entertainment, all within exquisitely designed spaces. As a leader in this realm of what’s been coined ‘eatertainment’ we are at the forefront of this trend, poised to shape the architectural landscape of these dynamic destinations. Crafting visually stunning and functionally captivating spaces is nothing new to our team however, we are excited for the emergence of spaces that encourage patrons to putt-putt away, ping some pong, and enjoy friends all in a space specially curated for the ultimate night out experience.

With our world more hooked on our phones, glued to screens we face a challenge in getting everyone out and present in these types of spaces. The rise of ‘eatertainment’ presents an exciting opportunity to merge creativity, innovation, and entertainment. By seamlessly integrating interactive games, digital installations, and themed spaces into our designs, we elevate the dining experience to new heights, captivating patrons and fostering a sense of community. With a keen understanding of the evolving needs of the modern consumer, BN is committed to collaborating with visionary clients to bring ‘eatertainment’ concepts to life.